Revenue and expenses have increased as a result of MDCH overflowing rapid development, especially in terms of tourism. There are many buildings, shops and apartments were built. Many development projects have been developed in small towns like Kea Farm, Kuala Terla, Tringkap, Kampung Raja and Habu. This is a good development because it is no longer confined to the Tanah Rata, Ringlet and Brinchang solely already existing building.

Apart from the development described Cameron Highlands District has also been linked with the new road Ipoh to Cameron Highlands, which has reduced travel time and facilitate the arrival of tourists from Northern Peninsula to Cameron Highlands. In addition, there is another new way from bank to Cameron Highlands, which facilitate the arrival of tourists from the East Coast. The opening of the new road has helped develop the border areas of Pahang, Perak and Kelantan.

To connect Lipis District, the construction of a road that is currently underway and expected to be completed by 2010. Construction of the road will allow Cameron Highlands District is connected with other districts in the state without going through other states such as Perak, Selangor and Kelantan.

MDCH administration is always responsible for implementing the tasks entrusted to them efficiently and effectively. Accordingly, MDCH will always strive to provide and implement quality services for the sake of excellence, satisfaction and comfort of the residents and taxpayers.

MDCH exercise its functions with the Local Government Act 1976 (AKTA 171) and through MDCH can carry out activities and enforce policies and regulations relating to the affairs of local authorities. Among MDCH function are: -

  1. Citing assessments, business licenses and advertising;

  2. Designing, implementing and regulating the development in accordance with the Structure Plan Pahang, Cameron Highlands District Local Plan Policies and other Government;

  3. Coordinate and cooperate with other departments as well; the private sector to the development of various programs such as the community and the environment;

  4. Administer and monitor the disposal of solid waste by Alam Flora Sdn. Bhd. (FSB) and cleaning areas as well as areas of operation;

  5. Regulate and enforce food control services, food outlets and control of infectious diseases with the Cameron Highlands District Health Office;

  6. Monitor and coordinate the maintenance and conservation of the environment;

  7. Enhance the beauty and cleanliness of the MDCH besides preserving and conserving the existing natural landscape;

  8. Creating quality facilities and services for infrastructure and public services local residents and tourists; and

  9. Enact and enforce laws, regulations, and policies related.

Customers MDCH consists of two (2) categories, namely: -

  1. Internal Customer

    • MDCH employees and the parties directly concerned Tops on MDCH

  2. External customers

    • Taxpayers, licensing, public, developers, consultants, government and private agencies.
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