• To ensure golf courses and club buildings are constantly managed and kept in clean as well as organised manner. 

  • To constantly conduct supervision works of golf courses to ensure golfers can play in a safe, organised and disciplined environment.

  • New golf club members' registration can be done within 3 months.  


  • To ensure that the technical review of the site application through Investment and Asset Management Committee is given within 2 weeks from the date of receipt


  • To ensure Myid Statistical Information is sent to Pahang Myid Secretariat before the 5th of each month

  • MDCH computerised system backup is done once a week. 

  • To ensure all computer and system damage reports will be responded to within 2 hours. 

  • To ensure the Antivirus for each MDCH computer is updated once in 3 days

  • Staff attendance report (thumb print) is submitted to Administration Unit on the first week of the month.  


  • To ensure Evaluation and Financial Committee Meeting relating to rate assessment for new assets is done at least twice a year.  

  • To ensure confiscation process is done within 2 weeks after the warrant is issued. 

  • To ensure Objection results are processed within 2 weeks after meeting decision is affirmed.


  • To implement legal actions under acts and laws applied while dispensing duty. 

  • Actions will be taken fairly as provisioned under acts and by-laws applied. 

  • To always accept references and to give cooperation to other departments, units and other liisions for the purpose of law enforcement in a cordial and prudent manners.

  • Each reference received will be taken action within not more than 7 working days.